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Im a student, but ive been fortunate enough to travel. all over the place. I hope i can inspire you to explore.

Shark Diving: Bars or No Bars?

Shark Diving: Bars or No Bars?

Often, the people who are most afraid of sharks and feel they need to have bars between them and the sharks have yet to meet one. Those who have gone on shark dives generally describe an experience of great beauty, transcendence, and transformation. The experience usually leaves them with a strong appreciation of and even affection for these animals, describing them as intelligent and peaceful,…

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Is Diving With Sharks Safe?

Is Diving With Sharks Safe?

The risk of injury, let alone death, while diving with sharks is incredibly low.

In contrast, more common leisure activities such as biking, swimming and boating result in a significant number of injuries and fatalities each year. True, In the US alone, the risk of death by drowning is approximately 3,000 times greater than being bitten by a shark, and the number of fatalities from boating…

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Diving Myths: Debunked (Three)

Diving Myths: Debunked (Three)

MYTH: The ocean is full of dangerous animals like sharks and barracudas.

TRUTH: Most divers actually consider a shark sighting to be a special and memorable occasion, since it is rare to see them. While such critters as sharks and barracudas should be respected and treated as wild animals, the vast majority subsist on a diet of things considerably smaller than a scuba diver. In fact, most sharks…

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Relationship vine

l 27/03/2014

Zachary Price’s post on Vine

Zachary Price’s post on Vine

My first ever vine (made for class). Don’t judge too hard

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l 13/03/2014

Five Great Dive Sites in the Continental US

Five Great Dive Sites in the Continental US

Athens Scuba Park 
This spring-fed lake southwest of Dallas is owned by divers and has been hosting our tribe for nearly 25 years. A dozen docks with nearby shady pavilions offer easy access to the water (in which viz can reach 70 feet), where more than 30 underwater attractions — including busses, boats, motorcycles, a Lockheed C-140 jet plane and a space capsule — can be explored. Bathhouses…

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More Diving Myths Debunked!

More Diving Myths Debunked!

MYTH: I’m too old to learn.

TRUTH:  We regularly hear about people diving, and learning to dive, well into their eighties. In fact one of the most active “groups” of divers is in the age range from 38 to 53. On the whole, this group dives more regularly, travels more to dive, and even takes more classes than most other “groups.”

MYTH: When you dive you are breathing pure oxygen.

TRUTH:  Certified…

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Get Paid to be a Diver

Get Paid to be a Diver

SCUBA diving is a shared passion between an ever growing community, that spans the globe. Some of them remain amateur divers for their entire diving career, while some pursue  higher levels of certifications. A handful of divers strive for professional levels of certifications.

However, not all of them take the right steps and end up high and dry. There are two classes of professional  SCUBA…

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Drinkin, Drugs, and Nitrogen Narcosis

Drinkin, Drugs, and Nitrogen Narcosis

A quick look into what it means to be “narced” (under the effects of nitrogen narcosis)

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A quick insight into what it means to be under the effects of nitrogen narcosis

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