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Im a student, but ive been fortunate enough to travel. all over the place. I hope i can inspire you to explore.

Must See Snorkeling Sites

Must See Snorkeling Sites

For you non-divers, you can still get your feet wet and see what the ocean has to offer!

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

A blue hole is created when the ceiling to an ancient cave system collapses in the ocean―Dean’s is thought to be the world’s deepest. Fin your way off the powder-white beach and watch the sand go from 5 to more than 600 feet deep in just a few kicks.

Buck Island, St.…

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Best Wreck Diving (according to Padi)

Best Wreck Diving (according to Padi)

Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia – Numerous wrecks

PADI wreck diverFor divers who want sheer variety, a far-flung journey to Chuuk (Truk) should be a priority. The Chuuk Lagoon was home to a Japanese naval anchorage and airbase during WWII, and when the U.S. attacked in 1944, the destruction was profound – 12 warships and 32 merchant ships were sunk, along with 249 aircraft. More than 20 wrecks have been…

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More Diving Myths!

Myth: Diving–that was my grandfather’s sport

Truth: If you think scuba isn’t extreme enough for you, you’re not seeing past the first step. Sure, a lot of people never go beyond puttering around in nice, calm water, looking at nice, calm fish. But if you get the right training and equipment, you can get radical with this sport. Try swimming through the surf zone off Southern California and it’s…

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How To Choose Your Fins

How To Choose Your Fins

Full foot versus open heel?

Despite the vast array of choice on the market, there are just two main styles of foot pocket – open heel and full foot. Both types of foot pocket will come with an array of options for blade.

Full foot fins are usually cheaper than open heal fins, easy to don and less bulky, however, if they are not a perfect fit for you will cause lots of friction issues and…

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Some SCUBA Records

The world’s deepest scuba dive
The world record for the deepest ever dive using self contained breathing apparatus is held by Pascale Bernabé, a French SCUBA diver, who claims to have reached a depth of 330 meters off the coast of Corsica. He made his descent in just 10 minutes, but took just under 9 hours to safely return to the surface. This dive is actually deeper than the 318-meter dive…

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Dive Sites to Stretch Your Budget

Dive Sites to Stretch Your Budget


Do-it-yourself diving doesn’t get any better than Bonaire. With more drive-and-dive opportunities than anywhere in the scuba universe, divers here enjoy the ultimate schedule freedom. The dollar-stretching strategy is to rent a pickup and take advantage of the many drive-through tank-filling stations that proliferate the island. Package deals that include auto rental are a great way to…

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Shark Diving: Bars or No Bars?

Shark Diving: Bars or No Bars?

Often, the people who are most afraid of sharks and feel they need to have bars between them and the sharks have yet to meet one. Those who have gone on shark dives generally describe an experience of great beauty, transcendence, and transformation. The experience usually leaves them with a strong appreciation of and even affection for these animals, describing them as intelligent and peaceful,…

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Is Diving With Sharks Safe?

Is Diving With Sharks Safe?

The risk of injury, let alone death, while diving with sharks is incredibly low.

In contrast, more common leisure activities such as biking, swimming and boating result in a significant number of injuries and fatalities each year. True, In the US alone, the risk of death by drowning is approximately 3,000 times greater than being bitten by a shark, and the number of fatalities from boating…

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Diving Myths: Debunked (Three)

Diving Myths: Debunked (Three)

MYTH: The ocean is full of dangerous animals like sharks and barracudas.

TRUTH: Most divers actually consider a shark sighting to be a special and memorable occasion, since it is rare to see them. While such critters as sharks and barracudas should be respected and treated as wild animals, the vast majority subsist on a diet of things considerably smaller than a scuba diver. In fact, most sharks…

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